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Visual Studio Code feature
Visual Studio Code icon
A multiplatform code editor for Microsoft..
OBS Studio feature
OBS Studio icon
A open source video recording and editing tool ....

MSWLogo icon
Interface for Programming with Open Code Logo L...
Python icon
Accessible multi-paradigmatic programming langu...
Microsoft OneDrive icon
25GB of free online storage from your PC.
MyRouter icon
Turn your device into a wireless hotspot for f...
HyperNext Studio icon
Download HyperNext Studio Trial Version For WIn...
Code::Blocks icon
A tool that help in learning C++ Language.
Freegate icon
Secure anti-censorship software.
Facebook App For Pokki icon
A nifty Facebook notifier for your desktop.
OpenSSH icon
Prevent security attacks on your system.
DJ Java Decompiler icon
Free Software for Java Users.
Cocoon icon
Safe and private browsing.
Free Proxy icon
Browse the Internet Anonymously.
Modem Booster icon
Get up to 300 percent faster download and surfi...
ROMSorter icon
Download latest version of ROMSorter for Window
Lens Studio icon
Download latest version of Lens Studio for Wind
Cacher icon
Download latest version of Cacher for Windows
SRUpdater icon
Download latest version of SRUpdater for Window
CudaText icon
Download latest version of CudaText for Windows
XAMPP icon
The easy way to install Apache, PHP and MySQL.
GitHub Desktop icon
Develop in Windows, share in GitHub.
PhpStorm icon
A smart and quick IDE for working on PHP.
DBeaver icon
Manage several databases from one single tool.
PHP icon
Dynamic web programming language.
dbForge Documenter for MySQL icon
Explore and Document MySQL and MariaDB Database...
FastReport icon
Download latest version of FastReport for Windo
dbForge Studio for SQL Server icon
Great SQL Server IDE for really effective devel...
dbForge Studio for Oracle icon
Mighty IDE for Everything Oracle.
dbForge Studio for MySQL icon
The most intelligent MySQL management tool.
dbForge Documenter for Oracle icon
Explore and Document Oracle Databases.
dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL icon
Multifunctional PostgreSQL GUI.
dbForge Data Generator for Oracle icon
Generate Large Datasets of Oracle Test Data.
dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle icon
Oracle Schema Comparison and Sync Tool.
Visual Studio Code icon
A multiplatform code editor for Microsoft.
BabelPad icon
An easy way to process complex command sequence...
GDevelop icon
Create video games in HTML5 without knowing how...
UltraEdit icon
Everything a programmer expects from an editor.
WordPress icon
Create your own blog and write like a professio...
Valentina Studio icon
Download latest version of Valentina Studio for
SciTE (SCIntilla) icon
Download latest version of SciTE (SCIntilla) fo
HashTools icon
Download latest version of HashTools for Window
EmEditor Professional icon
Advanced text editor for programmers.
BYOND icon
Develop your own games and play games from othe...
Windows PowerShell icon
Download latest version of Windows PowerShell f
Eclipse SDK icon
Powerful development environment for JAVA.
TortoiseSVN icon
Control the versions of your files.
RJ TextEd icon
Very useful comprehensive text editor for progr...
GameMaker Studio icon
Create you own videogames for any platform.
Website X5 Professional icon
Create your own website without any programming...