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Mendeley Desktop feature
Mendeley Desktop icon
Manage and organize your research and reference....
TypingMaster feature
TypingMaster icon
Learn typing with this personal teacher..

Mendeley Desktop icon
Manage and organize your research and reference...
TypingMaster icon
Learn typing with this personal teacher.
Unacademy APP for PC icon
India’s largest learning platform for student...
Sonma Typing-Expert icon
Become expert in typing in Hindi or English lan...
Google Classroom icon
A tool which allow you to take or appear in onl...
Macromedia Authorware icon
Great tool for excellent teachers who wants to ...
Uber icon
Windows 10.
Google Books Downloader icon
The easy way to download eBooks from Google Boo...
Google Translate Desktop icon
A desktop version of the official translator fr...
Noteee icon
Noteee a todo application for your office.
JabRef icon
The best tool to manage your bibliography refer...
Everyone Piano icon
Turn your keyboard into a virtual piano.
FluidSIM icon
Are you into Electropneumatic?.
Stellarium Portable icon
Portable version of the excellent planetarium f...
Maxima icon
Free and Comprehensive algebra tool.
Stellarium icon
Look at the sky on your screen.
GeoGebra icon
Tool for studying algebra, geometry, and calcul...
yEd icon
Generate diagrams in seconds.
aText icon
Download latest version of aText for Windows
Flip PDF icon
Convert your PDFs into interactive magazine-sty...
Calibre icon
An eBook manager with several features.
WorldWide Telescope icon
Unveil the secrets hidden in the sky right from...
RosarioSIS icon
Download latest version of RosarioSIS for Windo
Islamia University of Bahawalpur IUB Portals Software For Windows Free Download icon
A large collection of online learning material.
NVDA icon
Download latest version of NVDA for Windows
Joplin icon
Easily take notes on your PC.
Wondershare MindMaster icon
Download latest version of Wondershare MindMast
Easy QR icon
Download latest version of Easy QR for Windows
Freeplane icon
Design mind maps with all kinds of possibilitie...
Wordweb icon
Complete dictionary of English terms.
Adept Translator Pro icon
A useful translation tool for your everyday tas...
ClickCharts Free Diagram and Flowchart Maker icon
Create complex diagrams in the easiest and quic...
QTranslate icon
Languages won't be a problem anymore.
Moodle icon
The most popular virutual teaching platform.
PictoBlox icon
Have a great time learning to code.
Deepl icon
One of the most widely-used online translators.
Free42 HP-42S Calculator Simulator icon
Download latest version of Free42 HP-42S Calcul
Gnuplot icon
Download latest version of Gnuplot for Windows
OkMap icon
Work with all kinds of maps.
Ultimate eBook Converter icon
Get rid of the DRM protection of any electronic...
OpenBoard icon
Download latest version of OpenBoard for Window
Model ChemLab icon
Your in house chemical laboratory.
MecaNet icon
Improve your speed with this typing course.
Anki icon
Learn languages with Anki.
subnet calculator icon
Download latest version of subnet calculator fo
IceCream Ebook Reader icon
Enjoy your ebooks in the easiest way.
ScreenSteps icon
Easily create tutorials in PDF or HTML format.
Dictionary .NET icon
Instantly translate any word to more than 60 la...